As college students head back to school, here are some rules for academic domination

  1. Start studying a week early - get the books from all of your teachers and read as many chapters as you can the week before classes start. This will give you a leg up on the other students.
  2. Go meet your professors - this way, you can begin to establish a rapport with them early.
  3. Put together a giant calendar with all of your quizzes, exams and project due dates - this will help you see how all the classes gel together so that you are not surprised when you find that you have 3 tests in one week.
  4. Figure out where you are going to study every day - get into the habit of going to a secluded spot in the library that is quiet and well-lit. Make this your ritual.
  5. Put together a time management sheet - make sure that you keep track of the number of hours you study every day, just like a time clock. Average at least 4 hours a day, or more if you want to do really well in school (Think about it like this: 4 hours is only half of the time you would spend on a job. But the benefits are much greater in the long-run).

If you are in high school or middle school, here are some secrets to success you can use

  1. Hang out with friends that are going to help you do the right thing - don't spend your time kickin it with thugs and losers. They are no good for you anyway. Spend time with friends that are going to help you get a good education.
  2. Make sure that your folders and books are organized so that you can keep up with assignments.
  3. After you get home, take a 30 minute nap and then study in a place that is quiet. You might have to go down to McDonald's or something, just ask your mother to buy you some ear plugs to drown the noise out.
  4. Try to practice studying, even when you don't have any homework. This will make sure that you are ready for your tests.
  5. Ask your teacher one question: "What do I have to do in your class to get an A?" Write down the answer and memorize it. Ask the teacher every week if you are doing what she said you have to do to get an A in her class.