"He energized our entire city!" - Larry Morrissey, Mayor-Rockford , IL

"I recommend his seminar to any and all who are searching for inner strength and/or courage to dare to dream" - David Lanier, Harvard University

"We had over 20 guest speakers this year, and Dr. Watkins is the ONLY one who commanded 100% of our students' attention. I was amazed." - Mike Filipski, Guidance Counselor, Blodgett Middle School


Want to get your students ready for the rigors of college? Are you plagued by a low number of minority students matriculating through college, which is causing low retention rates for your school? Expectations need to be high, and preparation needs to be higher! Teach students to stand on their own two feet and reach the stars! How do you do that? POSITIVE ROLE MODELS AND INSPIRATION. How about having a real life, down-to-earth college professor come and explain the secrets to succeeding in college?
In addition to being a world-renowned finance professor at Syracuse University, Dr. Boyce Watkins is in the business of providing help to universities, high schools, and community organizations by giving pertinent information to students on educational and financial success while keeping them engaged through the use of hip-hop. Furthermore, Dr. Watkins is a leading scholar on diversity issues and specializes in relating to the feelings and opinions of minority students at universities across the nation.
You don't believe me? Ask the media! Boyce has presented his advice to millions through the national media and has recently appeared in the New York Times, Quite Frankly with Steven A. Smith (ESPN), The Big Idea with Donny Deutch (MSNBC), Hannity and Colmes (Fox), Forbes Magazine, Essence, The Michael Eric Dyson Show, and Black Enterprise just to name a few. He is also the author of the award-winning books, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About College - A Guide for Minority Students, Quick and Dirty Secrets of College Success - A professor tells it All, and The Parental 411- What every parent should know about their child in college.  For more information about how Dr. Watkins can help you and your situation, please feel free to contact us here.

About Dr. Watkins

Before sending his uplifting message to millions on national television, Dr. Boyce Watkins earned BA and BS degrees from The University of Kentucky with a nearly perfect GPA and a triple major in Finance, Economics and Business Management. In college, he was selected as the Wall Street Journal Outstanding Graduating Senior in Finance, Freshman of the Year, and the Lyman T. Johnson Outstanding Graduating Senior. He then earned a Masters Degree in Mathematical Statistics and a Doctorate in Finance from The Ohio State University. He now teaches Finance at Syracuse University, where he is the first African-American faculty member in the history of the Department of Finance. He is the founder of The Black Financial Economists Association, and the Director of the Step Up and Go to College Tour, which travels across the nation guiding young people toward college success.
The Step Up and Go to College Tour was created by Dr. Watkins in 2003 to help guide college and high school students toward college success, educationally and financially. Drawing upon his 13 years of experience as a university professor, Dr. Watkins gives a professor's inside scoop regarding what those in his profession are looking for in their best students. He is a master at keeping students engaged in the dialogue by having hip-hop as an integral part of his presentation.
Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Watkins was a TERRIBLE high school student. Now, he has a Ph.D and has lectured at universities all over the world! He is a motivation to anyone who thinks they cannot succeed in college or any other life endeavor. The Step Up and Go to College Tour has successfully helped universities tackle issues such as low retention rates for minority students (especially black men) as well as created a way to give valuable information to students in a large group settings. Furthermore, it is an effective tool for high schools and community organizations to prepare their students for all of the joys and trials of college life. If you would like Dr. Watkins to speak with your group or just need more information, please contact us.

What makes Dr. Watkins' books and the STEP UP AND GO TO COLLEGE TOUR unique?
  1. They give a professor's inside scoop regarding what those in his profession are looking for in their best students - making it to college is not the same as getting to graduation.
  2. Dr. Watkins brings 11 years of experience as a college professor, with a total of 15 years of experience in the university system. He has taught at 5 major universities: The University of Kentucky, Indiana University, The University of Rochester, The Ohio State University and Syracuse University. His credentials are second to none (click here to see Dr. Watkins' academic resume)
  3. Dr. Watkins' message is especially strong for minority students, who are underrepresented in higher education.
  4. Starting in poverty as a child, Dr. Watkins has credibility among students who feel that their poverty is an excuse not to achieve. He is especially adept at explaining how to go to college when you have very little money.
  5. As a very weak student in high school, Dr. Watkins serves as motivation to those who feel that past academic performance is a reason that they cannot go to college and excel.
  6. As a young father at the age of 18, Dr. Watkins is a motivator for those who feel that having a child is an excuse for not reaching out to their goals.

A letter from Martinez White, a 15-year old high school student in Milwaukee, WI:

I started reading "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about College" about 2 nights ago and to say the least, I couldn't put it down. It's like your books are my college bibles. The raw advice that you gave in the book is exactly what I need and will use before, during and after College. I thank you for your truthfulness in your publications and for your struggle to get to where you are today. It's people like you who make a difference in the lives of youth like me. Success is a journey and this journey includes college, just as you said, " Starting college is like going to war. When you leave for battle ,You must bring all your weapons and ammunition." Your books are just that, weapons! And the ammunition that you've packed in these books are enough to kill a two-toned, Saber-toothed tiger!

From Freddie Brown, Director - Black Achievers Program:

I thought you were right on time. You spoke to the teens in their language, which allowed them to hear what you had to say. Too often folks "preach at" or "speak over their heads" and the words fall on deaf ears. The message was great. It gave the academic underachiever a reason to believe they could become an Achiever if they put forth the effort. Getting good grades sounded easy when you compared them to practice time, weightlifting and other activities designed to improve football skills. The majority of our Youth Achievers are athletes or band students, so they could definitely relate. Our kids need people that will be real and tell it like it is. You did that in a way that was enlightening as well as entertaining.

For more information, please email us at: [email protected]

To order books, call 1(800) BOOKLOG (266-5564)
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To have Dr. Watkins address your students, please call: (315) 487-1176

Fax: (315) 320-9202

For large orders, please contact us using the information above. Orders
of 50 or more are provided with substantial discounts.

Media and Publicity contact: Cassie Chenevert (727) 209-1745

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